Handouts & Pamphlets

Mood and Thoughts

Thought Record Directions plus Cognitive Distortions List
    Dysfunctional Thought Record - Beck Style
    Alternative Thought Record
    Worry Thought Record

Mood Chart
Mastery and Pleasure Chart

Anxiety and Panic

How Breathing Affects Anxiety
What is Relaxed Breathing?
The Vicious Cycle of Anxiety Explained
Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Panic
Relabeling Symptoms of Panic
Retraining Reactions - Practice Letting Fears Go By



Gottman in a Nutshell: The Sound Marital House
Gottman Principles Summary
Love Maps Questionnaire & Love Maps 20 Questions Game
Make Your Own Love Maps
I Appreciate Exercise
Primed For Romance
Accepting Influence Questionnaire
Fondness and Admiration Questionnaire
Harsh Startup Questionnaire
Softened Startup Exercise
Repair Attempts Questionnaire
Shared Meaning Exercise
Solvable Problems Checklist
** ALL The Gottman Exercises/Checklists/Questionnaires in one place **


Beckoning Instead of Chasing
Caring Less About Abandonment
Communication That Cures Problems
Defusing Your Partner
Dissolving Sexual Differences
Gender Gap Facts
Helping Your Partner Defuse You
Pointers for Effective Expression
Relationship Worksheet
Restoring Romance
The Rules of Change

Eating Related

Eating Diary
CDC Food Diary
Eating Record
Mindful Eating Record
Food Value Chart
Preventive Strategies for Binge Eating
Changing Negative Body Talk 1
Changing Negative Body Talk 2
Do's and Don'ts for Family Members - Eating Disorders
Tips for Talking to a Friend with an Eating Disorder

Adult ADHD

Detecting Attention Deficits
Adult ADHD Checklist
Organization and Transitions in ADD


Beliefs That Ease Anger
Defusing Your Partner
Helping Your Partner Defuse You


How to Change a Habit
Prizing Imperfections
Valuing Your "Ordinary"
Forgiveness Meditation
Sleep Hygiene Instructions
Surviving Suicide Loss: A Healing Guide