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We draw from various psychotherapy approaches to help you understand and accept yourself more fully and change the thoughts, perceptions, and feelings that lead to distress.
We are aware that it can be very difficult to know where to turn for counseling help. As committed professional psychologists our first priority is to be of benefit to those who seek our assistance. Both of us have many strengths as therapists, but we also know our limitations. If we do not have the clinical expertise you require, or if the therapy 'match' between us does not feel optimal, we will help you find the right psychologist (or other type of therapist) in the Chicago area to meet your needs.

We also know that the ways you relate to others, the ways you feel about yourself, and the ways in which you think about the world around you can produce distress in many forms: depression, anxiety, anger, compulsion, isolation. Changing these feelings and behaviors with the help of the right psychotherapy experience can make all the difference in bringing fulfillment and stability to your life.

So, if you are looking for a clinical psychologist with whom you can feel comfortable in therapy, who will provide guidance and insight but also challenge you and support you to take the risks that lead to positive life changes, then please consider the following:

* We have the education, training, experience, and therapist skills required to provide individual psychotherapy and couples counseling of the highest quality.

* We make use of a wide variety of treatment techniques, including psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy, to help you achieve your goals.

* We have excellent reputations within the community of mental health professionals & therapists in the Chicago area and,

* We each consider ourselves to be a professional psychologist of the highest ethical standards.

In short, we may be the right psychologists to help you feel better and understand yourself more deeply through the psychotherapy experience.

Have a look around our site and please contact us with any questions.
With the help of a therapist, couples in marriage counseling can restore their intimacy and sense of connection, improve their communication and conflict resolution skills, and get unstuck from damaging, repetitive patterns.
Couples therapy with an experienced therapist can be used proactively to strengthen bonds in both new and established relationships. Before a marriage begins, premarital counseling can help couples achieve a deeper understanding of each other and iron out differences in communication styles before their wedding day.
Couples Therapy & Premarital Counseling
Betty Burrows, Ph.D.
Downtown Chicago and Northbrook

Aber: 312.855.0310
. .Burrows: 847.509.2729
Are you experiencing any of these common reasons for seeking help from a therapist?

Anxiety & Fears
Relationship Difficulties
Self Esteem
Men's Issues
Anger Management
Body Dissatisfaction
Compulsive Overeating
Impulse Control, Compulsions
Health & Medical Issues
Career Concerns
Loss or Grief
Lack of Assertiveness
Stress Management
Parenting Concerns

If so, then contact us today to get started in counseling with an experienced clinical psychologist.
Marriage Counseling
Individual Therapy
Effective Therapy for Individuals and Couples
Robert Aber, Ph.D.
30 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1018, Chicago, IL 60602 * Midway & Gregg, Northbrook, IL 60062 * Map - Google Plus
Dr. Aber: 312.855.0310 * email Dr. Aber * Dr. Burrows: 847.509.2729 * email Dr. Burrows
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